Brian Burkett

TFB Update: Combining Passions with Strengths

February 4, 2014

Narrowing my list of ideas down has been tough. I want to build it all – and at some point I hope to – but there are only so many hours in day. In order to make my decision, I had to rank my ideas based on two metrics. The first metric was obvious. The […]

TFB Update: Scratching the Itch

January 30, 2014

Hat in hand, let me apologize to all those cheering me on for missing a deadline so early on in the game. I could beg your forgiveness, and use the denial of service attack on a client’s site as my excuse, but let’s just forge ahead, shall we? Alright. Also, because I missed my posting […]

Introducing, The Freedom Build.

January 20, 2014

Today, I’m beginning a new challenge with a friend of mine, Josh Wayne. The duel, appropriately titled the Freedom Build, will span from today, the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr and end on Independence Day. Over the next 23 and half weeks, we’ll be spending all of our extra energy independently building our own web […]